View Full Version : ma audio equalizer...kicker eq

09-12-2008, 01:24 AM
ok right now i got a kicker 30 band equalizer, and im happy with it, kind of, it does exactly what it supposed too and at the time when i bought it, i thought it would be enough.. but i've come to the conclusion, i need a 30 band eq for each channel.. and since this can only control both at once... im kinda on the fence..

this EQ made by MA Audio
is basically what im looking for and seems likea very good price. the only thing i dont know how well it works... because im unsure of MA's quality.

like i said before, i have the kicker.. so my options are either buy a matching kicker, which is about the same price...(150ish) or i can sell the kicker eq i have now for like $100 or so and throw in the extra 80 and pick up the MA... of course i rather save money... and selling the kicker seems like the logical move.. i never had any expierence with the MA... so what would you do?