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09-06-2008, 02:18 PM
Hi again guys and i still cant decide which head unit to get and now its getting worse because ive been looking at more and more head units.....Well my friend just got an alpine 9886 and i plan to install it along with subs and components for him and i am looking forward to playing around with it and checking out the features and such....however since he has it idt i want it anymore...lol you guys know how that goes....if ur friend has something u always secretly wanna get somthing better :D anyways....Do u guys think that the 9886 is the superior head unit out there right now for great ipod functionality nice aesthetics amazing specs and i can get it for ~230$ new or should i go with something else. ugh this is hard but anyways...i was looking at the Pioneer Premier p600ub or the p6000ub either one is nice but i like the premier better bc i think its all black and if someone could tell me the differences thatd be nice too. Also i think i read somewhere that it has a alphabetical search feature for iPods or sumthing like that where u can search through the alphabet to find a particular artist which would be really nice and easy to use. and i also like the higher end pioneers too(ie: 800PRS. etc...) but the fact that i have to buy a ipod interface which cost like 50-60$ kinda is a turn off.... Also i really like the Kenwood eXcelon X792 although the ipod interface is fairly lame on it (scrolling though all ur artists...) i like the way it looks and i kinda like the semi-color screen So if anyone has comments/concerns on any of these head units or any other recomendations would be really nice as well all im looking for is a HU that has 4v preout or higher, a nice iPod interface but even a kinda lame one like the kenwood is ok, looks nice and all the other neccesary Head unit stuff XD. So is the Alpine the best out there for the price and functionality?

09-07-2008, 03:10 AM
BUMP!! (hopefully what ill be doing with the setup im making)

09-10-2008, 12:23 PM
I've had lots of experience with the CDA-9886. Done everything from big to small setups and never had any trouble. The interface is incredible. My opinion is to go with that one, but that is just one man's opinion.