View Full Version : Wedge vented box for a Civic CX hatch?

09-05-2008, 02:22 AM
Just recently found these forums, been reading until I swear my eyes have bled. Have a couple questions that I haven't really found the answers to.

I have 2 X 2000spl Premier subs (Older models now I guess) and HAD an RF 1001.bd Power series (Dummy me blew the remote circuit and put the amp into perma-protection mode) All of which used to be in a custom box, fitted for an older Prelude. New car = new box time.

Old box, I'd have to really crunch some numbers, but guessing around 3.5 to 4 cubes, with a square port, 6X8" or so, and about 12" deep. Now from reading on the site, that's tuned VERY high.

Questions mostly are, any input on a new box design for the CX hatch (When I get a new amp to power these up, going something similar in power to the 1001.bd) and what kind of tuning should I go for on the port (I actually want to stay with the square port, slot porting looks stupid to me, esp. with 2 subs).

Any help would be much appreciated!