View Full Version : do these box dimensions seem right ?

09-03-2008, 09:21 PM
hey guys i was wondering if you could help me out here....

i have a Lanzar Max 12 sub (i know its poop....but its all i can afford now as it was free, but im planning on building something better over the winter)

here are some of the important specs for this sub, according to Lanzars website

Spl -- 91.9
Qts -- 0.36
Fs -- 35.1
Vas -- 3.46

I used on of those calculators, and it told me that my box volume should be 2.8 cubic ft ... for a ported box which i want

does that volume figure look right (to me it seems bit high, but i am new to this stuff )

I used RE's box calculator, and it tells me to use an L- Port ... is this ok ?

and lastly what frequency would you guys recommend ... id like SPLs but i read if you tune too high you need all sorts of filters and stuff which i dont have

from what i read i should tune to like 30-33 Hz, but i dont know

Thanks in advance, any answers are greatly appreciated

09-04-2008, 02:28 PM
anyone ??