View Full Version : Second Skin Damplifier Pro Review.

09-03-2008, 12:25 PM
First off i would like to thanks ANT, (SecSkinRep) for sending me a 12sq ft Bulk pack of Damplifier Pro. No i was not one of the 25 picked, But the nice guy ANT is he decided to send me a pack to try out for myself.

I have installed every kinda sound deadner from Stinger Road Kill, Fat mat, Hush Mat, Dynamat, so on and now Second Skin.

My good friend just bought a new car and is going to be running a 3 way comp set a/d/s in the front and a 2 way a/d/s comp set in the rear. so he wanted to start deadining his ride. being all my rides have over 200-400sq ft of sound deadner i have no use for more deadner so i decided to give it to him, and help him get a head start on a costly, but effective start to a good sounding stereo system.

we started in the trunk, he had bought a Stinger Road Kill Bulk kit ( he is allso a stinger dealer as am I ).

Right off the bat i noticed how mutch heavyer, and thicker Second Skin is compared to all the other brands. I coverd about half the trunk with the kit that was sent to me and finished the rest of the trunk, rear deck and under side of the rear deck in Stinger Road Kill.

after finishing with the Secound Skin and moveing on to the Road Kill i noticed a big diffrence. Second Skin was a little bit harder to work with due to the thickness but all in all laid down pretty well.

IMO: Second Skin is deffinitly a seperior product in the over looked world of sound deadner. the only thing i seamed to dislike about the product is it wasent as sticky as the Stinger Road Kill. imo. But all in all i was very amazed with the product and so was my friend ( allso a MECP installer ).

and allso the price compared to other soundeadner's is a great deal, you honestly can't beat it.
If my shop would look to other out side recorces other then AAMP Of America i would buy a good amount of S.S. But we are a Stinger Dealer and i have to stick with them.

But for my own rides in the future I will be Installing Second Skin in all of them

ANT you will hear from me in the future, and thank you very mutch man. I was not expecting to get a Bulk pac from you :D