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09-03-2008, 10:36 AM
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With the absence of NOPI Nationals this year, JBird Productions has been working diligently to duplicate this annual super-show and has done an excellent job in taking the reins on such a short notice and the event is shaping up nicely. With the venue changed to an indoor/air conditioned event at the Georgia International Convention Center this will hopefully save the crowd from those familiar NOPI sunburns and provide a much more enjoyable environment.

As for the car audio side of things, you will not want to miss this event! So far, three organizations (IASCA, MECA, CAN) will be hosting sanctioned events with lots of cash prizes involved and records to be broken. It’s rumored that Db Drag and USACi may join the event as well.

IASCA will be hosting a triple point Territorial Key Event (TKE) event and all classes will be offered from SQ to Bass Boxing. IASCA World records can also be set at this event. Terry Floyd has recently announced that IASCA will knock off 20% of your entry fee if there are at least three people in the class you enter. Big props to IASCA for doing this! Also don’t forget IASCA Finals have been moved to SBN 2009 (http://www.floridacaraudio.com/iasca-world-finals-moved-to-sbn/).

Car Audio Nationals (CAN) will be hosting their finals at this event with hefty $3,000 in cash prizes to it’s sound quality competitors. If you aren’t familiar with CAN, you need to be! They are the ONLY car audio sound quality sanctioning organization that awards its winners with a cash-prize pay-out. CAN uses an elite judging staff of Richard Clark, Richard Inferrera, Micah Sheveloff, Dave MacKinnon, Bob Johann just to name a few. CAN has played a large role in this event, be sure to check them out at www.CarAudioNationals.com to learn more about them.

MECA will be holding their Georgia State Finals at this event where state records will be set! Cash prizes can be won in their SQ and SPL classes as well.

The current schedule for the show is as follows:

Saturday – September 20th

8:00 AM – Move in. Registration Begins for Car Audio Nationals, IASCA & MECA
9:00 AM – MECA Sound Quality and SPL Judging.
9:00 AM – IASCA Sound Quality and IdBL Judging.
9:30 AM – Car Audio Nationals Sound Quality Judging.
5:00 PM – MECA Trophies.
7:00 PM – Car Audio Nationals Trophies.

Sunday – September 21st

8:00 AM – Move in.
9:00 AM – IASCA Sound Quality and IdBL Judging.
5:00 PM – IASCA Trophies.

For more information on the Motorsports Nationals, visit their website at www.motorsportsnationals.com

09-07-2008, 01:17 PM
Wait so we HAVE to be there at 8am if were competing? What time does registration end?

09-12-2008, 09:45 AM
I'm not sure, I'd contact someone via their website, or the organization you plan on competing in.