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06-24-2003, 01:04 PM
Hi, new here... hope this is the right place.

Currently I have two 6x9 MB Quart Discus and two 6.5 MB Quart Discus speakers in my car running off a JL 300/4 amp.

I'm thinking of going with a component setup so I have a few questions.

First, obviously, who should I go with? Should I stick with MB Quart and go with their top of the line component sets, or who else?

Would I need to upgrade my amp?

Basically.. I've been in a few friends cars lately(new ones) and they have all stock systems(chevy malibu 2002/dodge stratus 2002) and the systems sound pretty **** good. There's a fairly decent amount of bass coming from the stock setup versus mine, where there isn't as much bass/warmness but I can attribute some of that to the nature of the MB quarts...


07-03-2003, 04:16 PM
My suggestion would be go out and audition to a bunch of speakers.
Bring your fav cd you are really familiar with and test diff. kinds of
high end components; MB Quartz, Focals, Diamond Audio, JL Audio,
Boston Acoustics...... it will really depend on you man.