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I'm from the Twin Cities area. I have been into Car Audio since I got a license, but admittedly was using garbage for most of the time, except I did get a good piece of equipment once without even realizing it was good.

Quick story. I bought a US Amps USA-400 that put out about 1200W. I didn't tighten one of the cables in the distribution block enough and it came out one day while on and something went wrong internally as it put this insane draw on my car after about 3 seconds and then a fuse would blow and everything would go back to normal. I worked a factory that made circuit boards at the time, so I gave it to this guy that knew how to fix stuff like that and he said he would charge me a little more than the parts it cost. Bastard never gave it back so that ******.

Anyway, right now I have the following (in 2006 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE):

Alpine 9835
Alpine MRV-F407
Infinity Kappa 60.7 Comps
Kicker ZX350.1
Infinity Perfect 12.1D (sealed enclosure)

I am getting together some cash for sound dampener (first time I ever did this) as right now I have some slight rattles on the outside and some pretty tinny sound from my comps. I am hoping this will help, although I think it is the comps themselves and I will have to upgrade.

Also, this weekend I switched my setup to use the 3 way crossover in the 9835. So far, I haven't noticed much of a difference in SQ (I'm sure I am don't have it set right yet, plus no dampener is probably not helping).

I think my next steps will be to upgrade the components, sound dampen (probably doors and trunk for starters and see if I want to take it further), and then I have to figure out how I am going to build an amp rack that looks decent.

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