View Full Version : box for 1 12l7

06-23-2003, 09:11 PM
i have been thinking about this 4 a while.
i have a few l7s and kicker 1200.1s laying around, i wana compete this summer
but, my trunk isnt big enough to fit to 12s l7s with the CORRECT BOX! ian fit a subzone prefab vented for 2 12s i have that now i slams nice and punchy i hve 2 1200.1s one on each 12l7 and im running 2 batery so when i compete i dont wana be in a class that i woul get killed in so i wana make a SPL bx for 1 l7 12 i think i have around 9cubesto play with butnot sure i wana run the 12 with one 1200.1 and 1 farad cap insted of the battery
what are your thought an could this 1 sub 1 1200.1 put up nice numbers? or is it a waste of time? what would u do ad how big and what kinda box should i make? pics would be nice!

06-24-2003, 03:11 PM
well a cap wont replace, in anyway a lost power source, they ARE NOT a power source, they regulate, not create power. I think that u should strap 2 1200.1's onto 1 12" L7 in a 9 cu ft box, 6 cubes after displacement of port. SO big box, big port, big wattage, big number..