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08-31-2008, 05:09 AM
Well what can I say? I've been a long time fan of car audio (had a system since before I had a car).

My old setup consisted of:
Pioneer Premier (highest end at the time) CD Reciever with knob and DVD control
Pioneer Premier 7" WS LCD Display with DVD Player built in
2x Pioneer Premier 5.25" REV Series Components (kick panels)
2x Pioneer Premier 6.5" REV Series (rear speakers)
2x Pioneer Premier 4" (Dash, running off the deck)
2x MTX Thunder 250.2 (pushing REV speakers)
6x MTX Thunder 1501D (pushing subs)
3x Pioneer Premier TS-W2000SPL's in a 1.75cu ft. (per sub) box (sealed)

That was installed in my 1990 Toyota Celica GTX Hatch. That was my pride and joy.

However that was all lost in a tragic accident involving a telephone pole and roughly 90mph impact (I said roughly). All that is left is one of the subs (I just blew the other one that was left two days ago because the box blew apart).

So now I'm bumping a 1991 Buick Regal (free from my grandma, leave me alone, lol). 100% stock radio except I have a 4GB mp3 player going into the cassette deck. And I'm running a 600w Alpine V-Power monoblock amp and my single Premier 2000SPL in a ported box (stock Alpine Type-R 12" slot port design...right off the website).

I've got a few questions, but I'll leave those alone for another post. Seems I may have found a new home. I'll be needing to buy some better wire and probably some batteries for the trunk I think.

08-31-2008, 05:11 AM
kewl man, welcome and sorry bout that accident

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Welcome to the forum. Use the search button there is a bunch of useful info here.

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welcome man

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Sup Brah,

No deadener questions, Caps are useless, King Ranch is a douche bag, and Kovemaster559 is a post wh0re. Funny as hell though.

I think that covers almost everything. Get familiar with high output alts, big 3 upgrade, Sundown and Audioque products.

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Welcome to the site ;)