View Full Version : Help with new box for my dd 3515 !!

08-28-2008, 11:50 PM
I am starting a blow-through real soon on my short bed chevy truck ! i have a 3515 dd and am just looking for ideals for box's ports and how to configure the opening in the cab. I am wondering if it would be louder port and sub facing forward into the cab with a huge cut out or a small cut out with just a areo port coming into the cab and the sub firing a different direction in the box in the bed of the truck ? Any help or design pic's will help out a ton thanks !!

08-29-2008, 08:44 PM
Def have both the sub and port firing into the truck cabin. Other than that I am of no other help sorry.

08-29-2008, 08:45 PM
Also if you're going to do the work to do a blow through I'd say get another 3515 or 3 more. I heard the treo truck with a blow through in a clamshell like design with 4 15" CXT's or whatever and it was unbeleivable.