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08-26-2008, 04:37 PM
OK, tryin' to sell this stuff quick to buy components... to start it off i am looking for $300 plus shipping which is less than i paid for the brushless motor and ESC to run the motor...

Its an All Wheel Drive TC4, aluminum driveshaft, brushless motor/ESC, 3 bodies, 2 sets of rims (the Cragar lookin ones are "staggered" wider ones with deep dishes on the rear and regulars on the front. for the msucle car look) charger, controller, brushed motor/ESC (team Orion Methid 11T double modifed) in case you want it for some reason, little radiator deal with electric fan, 2 batteries, alen wrench dealios adn some other stuff. The car has had different gears put in it but i do not recall the number of teeth. Honestly, i asked teh guy at the hobby shop and just bought what he told me to.

I am going ot be getting a vid shortly, i am waiting for the battery to charge. Right now the car is as HIGH as i could possibly get it because i am getting the video on the street and don't want to risk damaging anything. it can get CRAZY low if you wanna run it on a nice smooth floor! ONLY "bad" things; controller could use a new antenna, only has 2 body clips on it plus the wiring is a little "messy" but that is nothing... Let me clarify that statement. the wiring is GOOD, PERFECT fo rthat matter there is just a lot of it so it appears "messy" rather than really clean and tucked away like it should be....

LASTLY: i forgot the screen name thing in the pics until after i put the car on the charger but it is quite abviously the same stuff on th esame bed and everything...

http://imgplace.com/image_bin/3443/09e1b27fdff6c86390a774844c6fd131.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/09e1b27fdff6c86390a774844c6fd131) http://imgplace.com/image_bin/5389/5cf4bfe34dc0952f62e5a5d3653f8665.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/5cf4bfe34dc0952f62e5a5d3653f8665) http://imgplace.com/image_bin/2609/08097d16004b372cea027bc4ef5ac2bb.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/08097d16004b372cea027bc4ef5ac2bb) http://imgplace.com/image_bin/570/f23b89f37b7000329d724f8303db40fc.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/f23b89f37b7000329d724f8303db40fc) http://imgplace.com/image_bin/910/a2b8fe5b619e9adc57676f8ada586aad.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/a2b8fe5b619e9adc57676f8ada586aad) http://imgplace.com/image_bin/211/fbf0413e2b8b014af26408ef58335a01.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/fbf0413e2b8b014af26408ef58335a01)
http://imgplace.com/image_bin/2834/e3eaf7c7204505e97ae6fd4260cd0e02.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/e3eaf7c7204505e97ae6fd4260cd0e02) http://imgplace.com/image_bin/730/f16398df3376c8d1561416eba0beb826.jpg.th.jpg (http://imgplace.com/image/view/f16398df3376c8d1561416eba0beb826)

12-04-2008, 12:40 AM
1/2 price!!! $150 plus shipping... (LESS tan 1.2 what i paid for JUST the brushless setup!!)

This price will only last as long as the thing on ebay i want that is $150 shipped so... buy it quick!

Charger cord got chewed through, i "fixed" it so it still works and everything but i don't know how safe it is... just some butt connectors and electrical tape... chargers are cheap anyways../