View Full Version : headunit settings (what i've gathered so far)

08-25-2008, 12:07 PM
Ok so, from searching about it to reading various posts about it, ive still got a few questions. but this is what i get so far: the sla, loudness, and L (low freq) settings are not the things to use to make the subs volume louder, it increases the input voltage going to the amplifier right? i hear when you do use those settings you have to go back to the gain and adjust it accordingly.

I use to have my settings on my pioneer hu like this: L,0 - M,+4 - H,+6 - Loudness: off - Sla: 0 - gains set too 44.7 volts for 1000rms into 2 ohms. Bass boost on amp at 0

After id turn it anywhere after 47 (my normal high volume level) on the vol out of 62, if would get distorted sometimes on a deep note.

Now i turned the Sla to -4 (all the way down) and adjusted the gain again. it seemed much cleaner and louder, and i could turn it to 50 before any distortion got audible, but i never go anywhere to 50 unless im goin down I-4 lol

So is what im doing the right way to tune a headunit to get the cleanest signal possible to my amp? Ive seen plenty of guys locally that just boost every fvcking thing, and it sounds so horrible. Any help is appreciated!