View Full Version : fatmat vs raamat

08-22-2008, 12:10 AM
i purchased a roll of raammat a whileaago to do my doors and i loved it.
didnt smell at all, no joke. went on fairly easy and is still there %100.

now.. i just bought some fatmat to deaden the rest of my cab and i am verry dissapointed.
"doesnt smell" bull!.. this stuff smells like a brand new asphaulted street
i havent used it yet but will later this week.

the fat mat is supposed to be 5 mills thick, and raamat is supposed to be 6 mills thick.. raamat is atleast 1.5 times as thick as fatmat

ill add more when i instal

fatmat-smells, very thin
raamat-no smell, easily 1.5x thick
more to come when installed

08-24-2008, 03:45 AM
so ive been working a ton this past week but i got to work on deadining some
i got my floor done this morning, left my truck in the garage and took a backup car to work.. welll i just got home and my garage smell like it just got accidentaly paved with asphalt.. not cool
when i was doing my doors with raamat i did the ssame thig and no smell at all. i even left it outside one day where my truck gets about 120* and no smell. i dont want to know how bad its going to smell if i leave it out on the street now :/

09-01-2008, 04:23 PM
one layer on the floor and two on the backwall and side walls of my ford ranger
and most of it is falling off. about 45 sq feet of the 60 already installed has come off atleast once.
ive been instaling it with a heat gun and have made sure that the metal and the deadner were hot before i applyed each peice.
oh and my truck still smells like ***.

im talking to the people i bought it off of from ebay
and hopefully theyll give me my money back if i tear out everything and send it back

what a waste of my week and money