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08-19-2008, 12:47 AM
Looking to sell my 2006 F-150 extended cab. its the AL package, with the back seats already removed and big 3 already done in 1/0. White in color and has 42,XXX on the clock. Its my daily driver and runs great as it should for an 06. Has the 4.6 liter, and a tow package as well as the heavy duty payload.

looking for $11,000 OBO i owe $21,XXX on it so im unsure of how we will go about getting the title to whoever. im looking for a smaller truck on bags, preferably extended cab, or a Mustang GT, Eclipse , RX-7, Tahoe, or Yukon. LMK what you got. flexible on price as i need something more practical on gas.

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You will need to pay the remaining balance off before the bank will release the title.