View Full Version : Need suggestions for new HU, criteria inside

08-18-2008, 07:22 PM
Ok, Im in the market for a new HU, but im going to be picky since im already happy with MOST of the features of my current Alpine.

Heres what it must be/do:
MP3/WMA CDRW playback
AMBER illumination (switchable is fine)
3 sets of 4v preamps (F, R, sub).
High quality brand, such as alpine, eclipse, nakamichi, etc.

Things I would like, but not necessary:
disc slot on unit WITHOUT a flipdown style face (I hate folding down a face everytime I want to put a CD in).
USB port
Preamps ONLY (no internal amp)
built in HD radio
Sirius/XM ready/built in

Really my main goal is to have the unit fit well with my dashboard illumination and to have the unit blend well color wise with the rest of my dash. My current alpine is Silver, and lights up blue, and stands in stark contrast with the rest of the car. NOT acceptable.

For reference the car is a 1985 Honda CRX Si.
Baltic Blue ext, with Dew Blue interior.
Pic of the interior as it is now:

And also, here is my current audio setup:
Alpine CDA-9807
PPI A200 & A300 amps
Infinity Kappa 4" Coax front
Infinity RS 6.5" coax rear
JL 12w0 sub.

08-19-2008, 01:01 AM
So you don't want Blue illumination? Was going to recommend the deck I just got, which I love so far. Only had it a few days, but I actually enjoy it more than my Premier 880, which is the forum favorite. Is nice, but too much! I like simplicity with certain criteria. My new deck is a Kenwood Excleon x-492 and is a mid level Kenwood, but works flawlessly. Has 3 4volt pre-outs, Sirus sat compatiable, Bluetooth compatiable and my favorite so far, direct connect iPod USB and AUX slots right on front. Don't have to buy no adaptors, just use your USB cord from iPod and plug it in. Sounds as good as my CD's do and I am in awe with this deck as it can be had for as low as 110 on some sites. I paid more through Crutchfield, but I needed the wire harness, Double din dash kit and all that jazz that came for free. Love it so far and highly recommend it. Only downfall is it is a bright *** blue at night and can't dim it. I can manage though.

08-19-2008, 01:05 AM
my jvc kd-ar880 fits most of the criteria. 3 sets of preouts, can make the illumination whatever color you want. its black, has usb. It does have a an internal amp and flipdown cd loading, but besides that it does what you want.

08-24-2008, 02:22 AM
well i have a eclipse cd4000 the lights on it are changeable from red blue and green, its not specifically what your looking for but i assume they make models with similar options and the criteria your working under, plus i have a 93 prelude, i just changed all my dash lights and gauges to blue! so you could always adapt that way, plus have the coolest illumination of all the crx's