View Full Version : Kenwood Excelon kdc-x492 crossover abilities?

08-16-2008, 03:19 AM
I have a Kicker zx 700.5 amp that I'm connecting to this head unit, a Kenwood Excelon kdc-x492. I want to run four speakers (Infinity Kappa 63.9i) 6.5" coaxial’s and a sub (Kicker CVT65) off the amp. So I'm going to use all three rca outs. My question is I want to run two other speakers (Infinity Kappa 462.9cfp) 4x6 plates off the head unit. The head unit has a built in crossover, so does the amp. The problem is I want to run less bass to the speakers (4x6 plates) running off the head unit. So can I use the crossover built into the head unit on the speakers run off the head unit only? And send different crossover frequencies to the 3 rca outs? Or will the head unit amp and the front channel rca's be locked into the same crossover? I found the owners manual for the head unit online, but it says look at owners manual attached to lx amp for amp control? No luck finding that. I'm having head unit installed soon, would like to know if I'll need bass blockers for front speakers or can I do that with head unit? I would like to block around 100 hz for the 4x6 plates, and around 75-80 hz to the 6.5" coaxial's.