View Full Version : Second Skin Damplifier Pro Review

08-15-2008, 09:03 PM
I got my door pack today from Ant's give away, and wow, that box was pretty heavy for only 12 square feet. I also have Raamat BXT, and the Second Skin Damp Pro was not only heavier, but also thicker and more dense.

The 8 sheets in the door pack weighed just about as much as 20 feet of Raamat I had.

I will admit, the Raamat was alot easier to apply, but only because it was thinner than the Damplifier Pro.

I used the BXT on my doors, and the Second Skin on my hood. I started up the car, and you can noticeably tell the car is a little quieter.

I don't have any pics, the camera is dead though. I will get some pics and maybe a video when I can get some batteries.