View Full Version : F/S Jordans Size 13 $100 shipped

Caster Troy
08-14-2008, 11:57 AM
These shoes are all real...LoL ill take it as an insult if you think that im
selling fake sneakers...ive had these in my closet for years and i just
have to get rid of them...im passed the Jordan phase...so please don't
think they are fake...these shoes have not even been worn once...
Mint condition..the way i bought them is the way they are....if you live
close to Queenz..you dont even have to worry about shipping..you can
pick them up if you want.. or we can meet halfway...


There are 3 Jordan XIV (14's) in a size 13
black/red $100 shipped or best offer
white/green $100 shipped or best offer
white/black $100 shipped or best offer

The all black 14s i have are actually a size 14... $50 shipped

The green/white IV (4's) $50 shipped

The Red/white 10's size 13 $100 shipped or best offer

all shoes are brand new...never worn.. i dont even think i tried them on
i even have the reciepts to some of them...