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hey all i have just started car audio and so far so good. all the postd info is really helpful and the pics are great. i love music and trucks, so putting an aftermarket system in my truck seemd like an obvious, the truck is in need of work but the interior is nice and hopefully with some planning the sound will be too. ive already posted a thread "wiring truck" which pretty much explains what ive got and ask for any help on the subject of install. im one of those guys who rather learn and put it in myself rather than go pay some installer to do it, but i am a real newbie when it comes to audio so any help will be great
Thx everyone

08-14-2008, 12:09 PM
Hi, welcome to the forum, it's refreshing to see new people who talk well like you and aren't a jerk.

Spend some time reading around, thats how I learned alot.

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Welcome to the forum.

There's a lot of good information on here. Read up.

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Welcome just be sure to do your research before buying products and search the forum.

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Welcome dude:thumbsup:

better have thick skin.
do your research before you ask.
are not allowed to use sony, pyle, pyramid or audiobahn. just kidding!


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haha ya knew thatd come
but like i said a real newbie, this is my first vehicle and first audio system, im not lookn to comp. im just learn'n how to do it proper and i can see what all u have and its soooo amazing but im definatly not at any level close to that.
the wiring i bought was as much as my sub and amps combined and i did that so i could upgrade to bigger and better but rite now i need to just figure out if 200mA will turn on both my amps and basic stuff like that
so as i said before any hints or advise is very much appreciated

08-14-2008, 10:44 PM
Welcome dude:thumbsup:

better have thick skin.
do your research before you ask.
are not allowed to use sony, pyle, pyramid or audiobahn. just kidding!



let us know what your goals are in term of what you're looking for and we'll help you out

and also tell us what kind of space you have to work with as far as a moofer box goes.

08-14-2008, 10:49 PM
Welcome...I wish you luck here. There are smart people and smart-*** people here. Sometimes they are the same...lol.

08-15-2008, 02:06 AM
so my deck puts out 200mA for a remote turn on and i know that wont have enough for both amps but my friend mentioned somethin bout a relay, he said that u put a ground and 12V power and remote turn on to it so i get that but from where is the 12V line comin from do i run strait from battery or a distribution block or what


im gonna run a 4ga. line from battery to a grounded dist. block then run from there now question, should i run 8ga. to both my sub amp and my speaker amp or is there a better method, like i said before i have plenty (21ft. of both 4ga. and 8ga.) of power cord for a truck box.

Thx all for the positive feedback

08-15-2008, 02:21 AM
my goal is to have a clean sound, huge bass is not my #1 objective, i love all music and a system that is for huge hip hop rap bass is not my objective with this truck, however in bout a year i plan on gettin a suv or BIG truck with tons more room and id like a BIG system but now still bein in school i have limited funds and wanted to learn how to build a nice system thatll impress for my last year at school, its my first vehical maybe not the nicest but does the job, and id like the sound to sound better than radio over paper cone speakers
as for room its acctually not bad at all it has a rear bench seat that will more than sufice for 2 or 3 subs if wanted and the amps can go on the floor
im thinkin of buyin a sealed encloser for the sub then mountin it in a fiber glass case thatll also hold my amps, will this work? can the sub enclosure be covered aslong as the actuall sub and face of the enclosure is not covered

ill post pics of the space aswell as a sketch of my plan tommorrow or saterday


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Welcome to the site ;)