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big dawg
08-14-2008, 12:46 AM
First off I would like to say that I am very excited to be able to contribute to this forum after reading and gaining so much knowledge from you guys. I have never done a true product review but I will do my best and add to it as often as more opinions develop about it.

Today, I recieved my new amplifier. It is the Planet Audio BB1400.1. The specs are as follows:

MAX POWER (1 OHM) 1900W X 1

RMS POWER (1 OHM) 1400W X 1

RMS POWER (2 OHMS) 1000W X 1




DIMENSIONS 17-3/4L x 2H x 6-7/8W

The first thing that I noticed about the amp when I opened the package was that This amp is VERY small but very attractive. Black with a blue logo on the far corner of the face and, the best part about it is when the amp is powered up, the logo illuminates blue. I personally feel like between its looks and its size, it would be perfect for custom installs. The thing that i was really confused about was that it came with a birth certificate and it was so generic, I feel like it is a waste to even include. Generally when you get a birth certificate, the ouput recorded varies from what is stated as the amps rms ouput, and generally they are tested at 12.5 or 13.8... This amp was tested at 14.4 and all of the results were dead on what they say is the rms @ 2 ohms and 1 ohm. Too me... I call bullshit. I feel like they just wrote it in and shipped it.

The next issue that I had was when I called tech support to try to get some clarification about the birth certificate. The tech guy got on the line and was very very dry, rude and short, I explained to him that for the life of me, I could not understand how an amp tested at 14.4 volts and put out 1400 watts could also put out 1900 watts. He got very frustrated with me and said "forget about everything that you read on the website. The birth certificate is what you should go by". Then he hung up on me... Awesome.

Anyhow after I installed the amp in my car I wired in a 15 inch solo baric L7. I gotta be honest. With the gain at about a quarter, It had this sub jumping out of the box. The little bastard definitely performed. I also noticed that it came with a control knob to mount up front and is capable of being strapped to another amp. With the fuse size only being a total of 160 my charging system will have no problem powering this and a 4 channel as well. The best thing about this amp however; is the fact that it comes with a 5 year warranty... I am looking forward to putting this on my MTX 9500 within the next week. I am hoping that I can buy the matching 4 channel soon as well. If you guys have any questions, please post them and I will answer asap. I am not exactly sure what to look for in a review so bare with me.

07-17-2010, 04:09 PM
well thats awsome i heard that planit audio also uses teh same boards as power acoustiks idk if thats true but they have all the same rated prouducts

07-17-2010, 04:18 PM
My buddy ran one of these for a little bit... but it fried, I am sure due to his bone stock electrical though running it at 1ohm with the gains at 1500~...

Also, I hope you bought it directly form them because he bought his from an authorized dealer and they would not cover it under warranty. They said it only had a 30 day warranty since it came from someone other than them directly...

07-17-2010, 05:43 PM
yah if it does have the same bord as my amp u gota make sure it gets what its askin for amp wise cause it will fry before i put in a cap and a powercell if my batery went to low it mad a real bad noise and it would have fried i just shut the stereo off and let my alternator do its job for a wile

09-04-2010, 05:24 PM
You Get Ya Warranties Worth. My System Was Installed In 2004 2 Weeks After I Bought My Car. Just Took My System Out An Sold It To Put New Planet Audio Equipment. Not The Most Expensive, But For A Budget It Gets The Job Done. SQ Not Bad Either.
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09-08-2010, 05:09 PM
i like the vortex amps the best