View Full Version : infinity-5350a amp

08-07-2008, 11:02 PM
I just bought this amp to add to my truck and I just wanna give it thumbs up !! It runs my entire system which includes two infity refrence 10 inch sub in a sealed enclosure, eclipse 4x6 in the dash, 61/2 polk momos in the doors , ifinity tweets up frontand last but not least the best tweets of all time kicker dx20. Oh, and the headunit running it all is a kenwood kdc-mp535u.
I also have a kenwoon music keg . It has a 20 gig harddrive in it that'll haod up to 12000 songs.Its just,well ,its whole lot easier having a music keg number 1 its built right in your truck so once ya plug it in ya dont have to worry about it floppen around .
Okay so I just wanted to mention the 5350a because I mean i got 8 speakers and two subs (at 2 ohm) hooked up two it and it sounds great doesnt get hot (warm but not hot by no means)and the price is phenominal!269.00 for an amp thatll run your entire truck.
So what do ya think please let me know?:):veryhapp:

08-17-2008, 07:35 PM