View Full Version : Dimensions?? 96 Dodge extended cab

08-06-2008, 03:44 PM
I had a buddy ask me to build him a box for his 96 Dodge extended cab. Its for a single 12 under the rear seat. I guess he currently has a box that him and his grandfather built, and the sub is an audiobahn, similar to this one http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=13517

This is the most info I was able to get out of him for his goals and such on the box.

its an audio bahn 12 inch not sure of the diameter. Right now i have it in a home made box that my g-pa built that was supposed to be temporay till i could get a stealth box. not a big fan of the price o0f one of those. I was jujst wondering how much you would charge because the box i have now doesnt let the sub hit hard, oh and so u know i harldy ever have the sub on. i listne to country music and once ion a while ill crank something stupid and make my friends laugh

What I am looking for mainly is dimensions I can use so I know what I am dealing with before he shows up to build the box. Also pics of similar installs would be great too. I searched and found a few but not enough to for me to go off of. From what I have seen I am thinking it will have to be an up-firing box, just doesn't seem like the shape of the floor will allow a good down-firing box, mainly worried about mounting depth. As you can see he is mainly complaining that in the current box it doesn't hit very hard. I know this could be a million different things. I tend to lean towards sealed enclosures specially when in such tight spaces but would a 2cube tuned to 32hz or so with a aero port make for much more impact and still sound good with this sub?

Thanks in advance guys.