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Here's all the information I have so far.....I found it here: http://www.motorsportnationals.com/


J.Bird announces the launch of
The Motorsport Nationals Supershow
September 20 and 21, 2008.

After the overwhelming outpouring from thousands of fans and the entire motorsports industry, NOPI TV star J.Bird announces his effort to launch the Motorsport Nationals Supershow to be held on September 20 and 21, 2008. After hearing that NOPI Motorsports, LLC had announced cancellation of the NOPI Nationals, J.Bird began his effort to launch and promote another event to replace the NOPI event. “We just couldn’t let everyone down, the show has grown to be one of the largest of it’s kind in the world”, J.Bird was quoted as saying earlier today. The Supershow will have much of the same look and feel as in years gone by, with thousands of show cars and trucks in the car show, a gigantic burn out contest, tons of industry vendors and booths, live music from top artists, and of course a swimsuit competition which will include all those beautiful girls you’ve come to expect whenever J.Bird hits a motorsports stage!

About “Motorsport Nationals”
Motorsport Nationals was founded by industry guru J.Bird and Southeast Staging owner Bob Daniels who has served as soundstage coordinator and production designer for the Supershow for more than ten years. Together they will pull together many familiar faces as well as several new ones to make the 2008 experience unbelievable!

J.Bird has served as host of Nopi TV, Nopi Drag Racing Series, The Nopi Drift Series, and the Nopi Nationals for over a decade and most recently appeared as announcer J-Mac in “Need For Speed Pro Street” by EA Sports

Bob Daniels has produced concerts and soundstages for artists such as TI, Ludacris, Little Bow Wow, JZ, Little Wayne, Franchise Boys, 2008 Hip Hop Awards, Skid Row, Lynard Skynard, Molly Hatchett, Allman Brothers, Mothers Finest and many, many more.

Need More Info?
Contact them at:
[email protected]

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glad to see it is back on. Is IASCA wf going to be there like last year?

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repost ! but nice to see something is ganna go down ...

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repost ! but nice to see something is ganna go down ...

Well...Not really a repost....There was one other thread titled "new show" and I figured that it made more sense to start a thread with the correct name in the title...

I once heard that it's easy to find something wrong...Anybody can do that, it takes no effort....It takes more "thinking" to say something positive....Something to ponder :)

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i heard its unofficial, but i believe there is def gonna be a show

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good luck to them hope it works out.
still cant replace the NOPI Nationals..thats something that can't be duplicated..