View Full Version : these box dimesions look good?

08-04-2008, 03:48 PM
im making a box for 2 pioneer TS-W3001D4's, this is only the box size for one im gonna add them together next to each other as one box with the top and bottom being one solid piece. the height and width are max i can do in my trunk. look good?

width: 22.5"
height: 15"
depth: 15"
material: .75" MDF
port: height: 13.5"
width: 1.5"
length: 12.75
length 2: 4"

box volume = 1.976 cu.ft. -.181 cu.ft. sub displacement = 1.795 cu.ft.

tuning: 34.29 fb

all done using RE enclosure calc.