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06-14-2003, 06:06 PM

I was in my local Zapco/Diamond audio shop the other day and was picking up a sub (10"macdaddy), and was just talking with the guys at the shop if they have anything new and whats up in general.

They said they had these new comps, that came in. These where re-made components of some top-notch euro componany. The components design was traded through a few companies, and finally alumapro decicded to distribute them in the U.S.

After waiting a few min for them to wire the new comps up........I finally heard them......I thought I was goin to wet my pants. ;)

I mean these buggers sounded better than..........CDT euro sports or Focal Utopia's. (In my opinion.) They had such great tone and richness of music that I have't heard in car adio speaker...yet. (well maybe in some of the really $$$$$$ one's).

After spending 2-3hrs of listening to them (went through alot of genres of music and they all sounded great) I finally asked the dreaded question on how many payments these will set me back.

To my surprise they retail for only $300.

We later ripped apart one of the speakers to see how the motor and everything is made. They lookied very different from what you would expect a high end speaker like this to be made.

Their was no vent on the back of the coil. No reinforced aluminum mounting basket. The spiders where so thin you could almost see through them. (This how the speakers gets the coolair. ) And the cone was a very stiff aluminum. The tweets where 2" aluminums aswell. Crossovers looked top notch from just looking briefly at it.

All I know I have to dig up $300 and examine these puppies up close and personal. I can only imagine how awesome they sound properly positioned.

06-14-2003, 09:12 PM
Do you happen to catch the specific model name and number?

06-14-2003, 09:52 PM
Sure did,

They're called alumapro alc components.

...****, I went to pick up the reading material on them, and the back with all the model numbers is stuck to my desk (cold soda left on a desk = condesation :D )

But like I said. They went through alot of name/model changes but its basically the same component set juggled around by a few companies.

I know for a fact morel had them under their brand name over in Isarael ( don't even ask...) and then a German company took them over....now alumapro.

The shop is close till tues. so I'll be sure to drop by and pick up any more info on them then. :D