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08-03-2008, 09:53 PM
First of all I'd like to say hi to all of you as its been a while since I've been on this board. Now the reason for the post: Second Skin Audio Damplifier Pro and Overkill Pro. Both of these products do what they say and more. I recently purchased 290 sq. ft. of Second Skin Damplifier Pro, and two sheets of overkill pro to use in my front doors. For those that dont know, I now drive a 2008 Pontiac G8 GT. I'm planning on doing some Sound Quality competitions for fun and building it to sound great for my pleasure on long drives with work.

The Second Skin Damplifier Pro is an amazing product. I will list the benefits and advantages I've seen with its use in my car:

1. Heat reduction, in the past I rode with the AC on 63-64 degrees to be comfortable. After completing my installation I now ride with the AC on 72-73 degrees with the same comfort as before. It truly helps fight the heat!!!

2. Noise reduction, this car is built well from the factory and quiet enough for most as is. With the addition of the 2-6 layers of damplifier pro at any given point in the car its virtually silent. When driving you have to wonder if you're really doing 100MPH or sitting still. I can enjoy a live performance of Bon Jovi, the Eagles, or the USACi SQ disc at high speeds in utter silence.

3. Ease of installation, the product is very easy to install. It is sticky enough to adhere to just about anything yet not so sticky/gooey that if you barely touch it down it can't be removed. 15 minutes later though its a pain to remove which means it will stay in the place you put it for years to come! It is also very easy to cut or even tear into smaller pieces to get in those hard to reach spots.

4. No odor, there was literally no odor with this product at all. During the entire installation the only smell I ever smelled was from the headliner glue adhesive I used to install the overkill Pro.

5. Using plenty of damplifier pro in your doors makes one helacious speaker enclosure to house some great mids. It literally sounds like I have subwoofers in the front of my car.

Now, the overkill pro:

1. It does not soak up water. Doors naturally get some moisture and condensation in them, however after riding for several days I found this product is great at resisting water and will not mildew or stink up your car.

2. It helps reduce airborn noise in the door panel yielding a more focus midrange and midbass region for your speakers.

Now for some of the pictures from installation:

Me talking to my girlfriend on my cell while working on covering my trunk in damplifier Pro:

Interior Gutted:

Trunk and fender wells:
Trunk and tire well:
Outer door skin covered in 2 layers of Damplifier Pro:
Outer door skin covered in Overkill Pro foam:
Inner door skin with 165K2P mounted and covered in Second Skin Damplifier Pro:
Temporary Mounting location for Kicker ZX850.4 amplifier, this will be made much nicer once I get the subs and the other amp in so that I can begin the enclosure for the spair tire well:
PAC SNI15's and RCA's running from factory radio The SNI's were tucked up behind the radio out of the way and RCA's routed down the middle of the car away from any other power wiring. I am one of the few who do not have engine noise with the G8's: