View Full Version : Need some box help!!

07-31-2008, 02:34 PM
I've got a box built for 2 12's. Custom box by who, I dont know. It's 1.7 cubes per side, it is separate chambered.

My question is....the ports are about 8 inches long right now, and when I burped it last weekend, my note was 62-64. How much should I cut off to raise it my note close to a 70.

I've got no idea what it's tuned to....when I did the sweep, my peak was 63hz.

Does that mean it's already tuned high in the 50's or...?

Can I cut a little of the port off and be ok.....my goal is to make them do a 150+...as I got them to do a 147.3 last weekend at 2 ohm....

This weekend will be .5ohm, resining on the inside of the box, little shorter port and hopefully a 150+... :laugh:

Help anyone!!! ??