View Full Version : TX: Kyosho V-one SII

07-31-2008, 09:33 AM
I bought this thing a little over 4 years ago, played with it for a while and then joined the Air Force and never got around to really playing with it again. It cost me a pretty penny when it was new and I'm just looking to make a few bucks back to put towards other stuff.

Pictures are located at: www.mark-christian.com/pictures/rc_car

I also have a nice toolbox full of parts and stuff that came with it that comes with it. It has the original box, manuals, etc. Its missing 2 screws for the muffler(just never got around to replacing them), but it runs great.

$150 shipped

If your worried about feedback ratings, I've got a profile on legacygt dot com with great iTrader ratings (same name). Just trying to get this out there and get it sold.