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07-30-2008, 01:35 AM
Iím still looking at a Pyle PLTSD62 for a touch-screen but was thinking of installing a Mini-PC instead of XBMC. I was just wondering if you could glace at it and see if you think it could work. I want to Hook up the Intel BOXD201GLY2A motherboard I a slim case and getting a VGA to RCA converter to hook up the computer to the touch-screen like a monitor. What the stretch is going to be is I want to hook the USB port on the Pyle unit to a USB port on the Computer to use as a mouse. I am going to list all the parts out below. Tell me what you think.

Touch-screen: Pyle PLTSD62

Mini-PC: Intel BOXD201GLY2A

This already has an onboard graphics card and audio card. The audio doesnít look to good but it will be the same quality as my iPod which is what I would do anyway. I wireless card would be dope to transfer music from out network to the car wirelessly.

Mini-PC Case: IN WIN IW-BT611T.300SL

This case is even a little big but Itís going in the trunk anyway. The only problem is going to be having the computer turn on when the car starts.

Article on Mini-PC:

VGA/RCA Converter Cable:

Wireless Internet Keyboard:

This would be nice. I would temporarily hook up a CD drive to install XP. Then I could install the latest iTunes and hook my iPod up I the car to put new music on it.

08-06-2008, 04:45 AM
Looking for a good car pc,pls have a look on this one:
May there is some one fit for your car.