View Full Version : In Dash Unit for 08 dodge avenger

07-29-2008, 11:58 AM
hi guys. after much thought and headache in searching for a head unit., ive come to the conclusion that i dont have any idea what i want.....

im looking for an indash unit for my 08 dodge avenger. it must have good ipod controls. a remote, a graphic eq would be nice, and a nice colorful display would be nice also. something that is pleasing to the eye ya know?!. i would like to add sirius to it later. watching videos aint important, nether is navigation.im trynna stay in the 3-400 (really under $400, but if you can convince me otherwise ill bite, but DEFINETLY UNDER $500) i was looking at the alpine ida-x100, but after adding all the accessories its quite pricey. brand name dosent matter either, as long as its good. thanks for your help