View Full Version : Memphis PRD500.1

07-27-2008, 01:55 AM
Bought this amp used about a week ago...must say its working out very nice. Have 2 REAudio RE8 subs hooked up to it, wired to 1ohm. Now, honestly....500watts is a bit much for these subs, so I have to keep the gain down, and the subsonic filter up a bit...but I've had no problems so far.....well OK just one, but that was MY fault...lol, hooked everything up, then clicked the switch I have to turn on remote power.... a small pop from the amp, then NOTHING....so I checked...BOTH fuses on the amp were blown, so I turned OFF the switch, got some new fuses..and checked the amp again...oops!~I had accidently wired up the power and ground backwards...so, rewired it right,put in the fuses, turned on the switch again...and BOOM! I'm thumping.
Even with it running at 1ohm and 500 watts, it can go all day long and has no problems. Gets warm, but not really hot..and doesnt seem to have any problem pushing the nice little subs. Hopefully gonna get either 2 other subs that can handle 250 watts each...or 1 500watt sub...still not sure which
Anyway, I am very happy with this amp...