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07-23-2008, 08:04 PM
im planning on installing a viper 5002 alarm system since my car got broken into and my headunit was stolen. I am planning on also installing a backup battery and a 140db siren to go along with the alarm system. are there more more security devices i could install to maximize my car's protection beside a backup battery?

07-27-2008, 02:30 AM
A digital tilt sensor would work good along with a siren hidden inside the passenger compartment. If you toss the shock sensor, I would suggest considering either a glass break, microwave, and/or infrasonic sensor. I used the Autopage Sis-12 infrasonic sensor in my Civic and have yet to receive a false trigger off of it!

I always toss the shock sensor that comes with the alarm in the trash because I have NEVER had luck with a shock sensor, no matter who installed it! For example, my Ford F-150 was hit so hard in the parking lot at work that the Acura TSX bumper was still attached to my trailer hitch and the alarm DID NOT go off! One clap of thunder, would set if off EVERY time!

ETA: I see that DEI has an Ultrasonic sensor that works based off of the cabin pressure too. Check out the DEI 509U because I highly recommend it, unless you have a convertible. Basically, anything causing the cabin pressure to drop will trigger that bad boy... pop a window, open a door, pop the sunroof, open the trunk, etc.

08-05-2008, 01:02 PM
I love alwayses and nevers...

The bed of a pickup truck is purposely isolated from the cab where the shock sensor is, so the only way to get good bed coverage is with a second shock sensor - behind the taillight, for example. But properly installed shock sensors do actually work if you expect the right things from them.

Thaster, which alarm add-ons are best to use are indeed driven by what your actual vehicle is. For head unit protection, I love the DEI 513T piezo siren in the air vent closest to the head unit, wired to trigger when the door is open. The backup battery is good. The ultrasonic is very good if you always roll up your windows.

But a great install of a basic Viper 350 is better than an average install of a Viper 5002...

08-21-2008, 10:04 PM
But properly installed shock sensors do actually work if you expect the right things from them.

x2 :thumbupw:

My shock caught them breaking my window with tint in the rain & sent them a runnin empty handed! :escape:

08-23-2008, 04:02 AM
If anyone can point me to a shock sensor that WILL NOT go off when the thunder booms, the garbage truck passes by, or when my 17 year old neighbor passes by bumping in his Toyota Tacoma, I will consider using one again. They just aren't for me due to the amount of false triggers I get off of them and the fact that it makes me start to ignore my alarm.

I had similar issues with my 1996 Thunderbird where I had the shock sensor adjusted multiple times by the installer due to false triggers. They changed the Viper dual stage shock sensor 3 times and I still had weird false trigger issues off of it. The only time it wouldn't false trigger is when I adjusted it to the point of being totally useless. Prior to that, I couldn't park that car on the street without the shock sensor triggering the alarm from cars passing by.

I had THREE alarms with shock sensors professionally installed and all THREE had false triggers due to the shock sensor. In my Honda Civic, I installed my own aftermarket alarm with an infrasonic sensor and I have yet to get a false trigger off of it. Sorry, but shock sensors just aren't for me.

08-23-2008, 07:39 PM
Usually properly installed & adjusted shock sensors will work fine in most circumstances, but a loud thunder boom & other loud outside noises can false trigger even the best installed & adjusted shocks.

The thing that is best about shocks...especially dual zone is that if a thief hits just hard enough to test for verification from the alarm by chirp or voice that the system is armed.

Also... if just vandals that want to cause exterior damage, but not actually break in & steal.