View Full Version : Will anyone build a box here for me?

07-23-2008, 05:22 AM
I need a box built for my JL Audio 12W7. It's going in my boat. It will be behind a compartment so it'll be shielded from the elements, but it must be moisture resistant. I've heard of different opinions. Everything from rhinolining the entire enclosure, to putting a couple layers of marine grade resin over it. One guy even vouches for a "marine grade MDF." Googled it, and didn't come up with much. Anyway, I'm located in Orlando, Florida, and would be willing to pay someone to make this for me.

JL's specs state 15.5 Width, 15.5 Height, and 15 Depth. Not sure if thats a little on the smallish side or not. I have 21 inches in Height, 25 inches in Depth, and 19 inches in Width available. No more than that. So, if JL's specs are perfect, then so be it.

PM me if you're interested. References and pics of past work would be awesome.


Cole Trickle
07-23-2008, 02:02 PM
Not sure there is such thing as Marine MDF?

There is Marine grade Plywood.

I would probably use 3/4 inch MDF and coat both the inside and out side with a couple layers of resin.(Thats what I did in my boat 3 years ago...no issues)

Roll the boat over to a decent stereo shop and ask them to build you a box. When there done you can resin and install it:)