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06-10-2003, 06:34 PM
I am building a box for 2 12" audiobahn AW1200Q and would like the best seal possible to plug any air from escaping and get the best sound from the subs. I am using 3/4 MDF. My question is, will it be ok to use truck bedliner to seal the outside of the box and dynamat to seal the inside, along with putting polyfill inside. Is this going to help, hurt my box. The box will be 1.25 cu ft on each side. Also, what is meant by tuning a box. I am a newbie so go easy. I know I can go by a box, but wanted to try to build my own. I bought a book on box building to help. Any and all help appreciated.:peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace:

06-10-2003, 06:59 PM
Seal the inside seams with RTV caulk or a bead of glue. If you want, you can paint the inside or outside with just about anything - even wood varnish - to seal the (alleged) pores of the MDF. Dynamat is not necessary.

Tuning applies to ported boxes, not sealed ones. Don't worry about that.

06-10-2003, 11:21 PM
Unless you are looking for complete SQ i would not go with a sealed box because most audiobahn subs are for better for ported enclosures. But if you insist in o sealed box then all of that is not necessary. Everything maylar said is correct and if you want to ensure a near complete seal use some fiberglass resin on the inside of the box. If you want to build a ported box download WinISD Pro and it should help you out alot.

06-11-2003, 11:54 PM
pores in mdf? phhh......when putting the box together...run a bead of liquid nails on the edges of the wood. after the box is all together....run more liquid nails on the inside seams and spread it out with a latex glove. i suppose if you're a perfectionist, then you can cover the inside w/ fg resin. i personally don't think you have to. putting polyfill in the box wil lmake it "seem" larger than it is. it has nothign to do with being airtight. (of course theres been a lot of debate over wheter or not polyfill truely fakes out the driver or not).

if you want a real challenge. build a ported box. Jmac can help you with that. they really ARE meant for spl....but im sure it would be fine in a sealed box.

basically...tuning a ported box describes what hte peakk frequency of the box is. the lower the tuning is, the higher the sq. the higher the tuning, the louder (spl) it is....but then it looses sq. unfair tradeoff :(