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07-18-2008, 01:15 PM
Here is the story...

I buy a set of 9.5" Power Acoustik headrest monitors from an online store (actually through Ebay) called audiosavings.com on June 4 (of this year) and they go in my 08 Forester along with a great deal more equipment (Kenwood 8120, 4 Zed Audio amps, old Xtant speakers (made by Morel) a few weeks later in preparation for a trip I was taking over the July 4 weekend to Philly and many points east (I live near Chicago).

They worked fine on the way out there...but during the drive from Washington DC back up to Philly, one of the monitors decides it will not shut off. This would not be so much of a big deal but I am driving at night and the bright light coming from the unit requires me to pull over and fumble around under my seat to physically unplug the unit from its controller.

I plug it in the next day and it still will not shut off. No big deal... I leave it unplugged until we go from Philly to Cleveland 2 days later.

The morning of the drive to Cleveland, they both seem to be dead. The backlight on both seems to have crapped out and now all one can see is a very faint picture in greyscale.

Upon returning home, I shoot off an email to audiosavings and they tell me to contact Power Acoustik directly, which I do. They tell me to box the two headrests up and they will swap them out for me....but I have to pay return shipping to me. Seems like a small thing to be irritated about but you would think that since they are so new (what they are charging me for the return trip), they would just send me a new set gratis without jacking me for $15.

Victor (the ra dept at Power Acoustik) was very unwilling to budge and so I have decided to share my story.

The morals here are probably twofold...

1) Don't buy Power Acoustik products because they are garbage.
2) Don't buy things online since there is no counter to go back to if there is a problem.

BTW...did I mention one of the two of them developed an internal rattle that the only solution for was to physically pull it forward towards the front of the car...constantly...?

Just plain garbage. Period. I have gotten better customer service and products from much smaller computer vendors... and much larger.

07-18-2008, 06:43 PM
You're lucky they told you they would swap them out for you at all. Most manufacturers would tell you to pound sand since you didn't buy them at an authorized dealer (or at least tell you to pay for repairs). Moral of the story...

1) support your local brick and morter stores.