View Full Version : 360 Games,Cricket Phone, Womens Jewlry!!

07-18-2008, 01:31 PM
I got some odds and end things that i'm trying to get rid of.

360 Games

Fantastic Four- Rise of the Silver Surfer $20 Shipped
Spider-man Friend or Foe $20 Shipped

Both $35 shipped Pics on request

Cheap Cricket phone for sell also. No camera or internet/ Good for someone that doesn't have luck with phones and always breaking them. Only used once then upgraded. $65 shipped. Pics upon request.

For anyone looking for some womens jewlry, for that special lady!!! My mom has a set that she is looking to sell. Pics below. $240 Shipped. More information upon request!

ANY Questions let me know. Thanks for looking

07-18-2008, 04:27 PM
is that spiderman the new one?

07-18-2008, 06:53 PM
not exactly sure, I bought it after I beat the Marvel Alliance game and this one just doesn't measure up to that game. Its an ok game, just not my type of game play. I can post a pic of the cover if you would like

07-25-2008, 08:06 PM