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07-17-2008, 11:49 PM
The Battle for the SPLMAX CUP is on. Each region is battling among themselves and the nation to determine the one SPLMAX CUP winner.

The SPLMAX CUP is a balanced points race. Each region has a maximum of ten shows and each competitor can only attend a maximum of 10 shows. They can compete at a any event in the nation. Some regions have com-
pleted 4 events , 5 events and 7 events.

Here are the current regional leaders, number of shows and points


Team Ssb - Tim (4) 65
Team Bassick - Nyman (4) 64
Team Bassick - Brandon S. (4) 61
Team Bassick - Alpine (4) 59

With 3 Team Bassick bearing down on Ssb - Tim. Can Tim hold onto his lead for region 1? Tim is averaging a whooping 16.5 points per event. If he can maintain that pace he could be the SPLMAX CUP winner. In a close second place is Team Bassick - Nyman. If he does not make any mistakes he can give Tim a run for the cup.

Nest show - July 19th - Tunes 4 U - Grass Valley CA


Brian Stewart (4) 56
Kyle Buss (4) 49
Tyler Kurtz (3) 41

Brian Stewart has won 3 SPLMAX Cup events. If Sound Mekanix can fill the brackets, Brian will win some points. Kyle is 7 points down in second place. There is 6 shows to go. Anything could happen in this race.

Next Show - July 20th - Exclusive Company - Oshkosh WI

Region 5 - SPLMAX (OH)

Adam Trifonoff (7) 111
Nick Probst (7) 108
Steve Mick (7) 105
Ed Gardner (7) 104
Team Roadquake - Kory (104)

Adam has won 7 straight SPLMX CUP events. Nick Probst has not won a single SPLMAX CUP event. Ed Gardner has traveled over 1500 miles to regions 5 and regions 6 to compete. Kory has come from no where to the number 5 spot. The next event will be a battle royal and any of the top 5 could move into the number 1 spot. Strategy will be in full force at this show.

Next Show - July 19th - Big Boi Toys - Wickliffe, OH

Region 6 - SPLMAX (FL)

Bone Crusher (6) 83
David Mackey (6) 77
Calvin Coleman (5) 67

The Bone Crusher is the top big money earner in the circuit. Average turnouts have hurt in the points race. If he can keep winning and get some good turnouts, the Bone Crusher could have a top 10 finish

Next show - Aug 3rd - Florida State Finals - Orlando,FL


This is only a prediction based on previous performance

Team Ssb - Tim (7) 115
Team Bassick - Nyman (7) 111
Adam Trifonoff (7) 111
Nick Probst (7) 108
Steve Mick (7) 105
Ed Gardner (7) 104
Brian Stewart (7) 104
Team Roadquake - Kory (104)
Bone Crusher (7) 99

Prediction after 8 events

???? (what is your prediction)

Prediction after 9 events

????????? (what is your prediction)

[u]Prediction after 10 events [u]

????????? (what is your prediction)

07-19-2008, 11:56 AM
Nick Probst will take an event or 2 in the 149.9 class and give the cup a run for its money, he represents MI so go for it. Nick Adam Trifonoff might jump into the 139.9 class and win one or 2 there for the cup victory. Hey Sam is Adam the only 129.9 competitor in the top ten for the cup?

07-21-2008, 05:54 PM
there were some HUGE upsets this weekend in wickliffe. Including a 5th place from adam triffinoff.

I had some problems with my termlab and couldnt find my start volume... Came off the line with a 120.4 and had to climb hard. ended up breaking out my first run and taking 5th as well.

Still only 2 points behind adam :)

Steve mick took home the 139.9 class beating out roadquake- kory in the finals.

as it sits now

adam- 123 points
steve-122 points
nick probst(me)-121 points
kory- 120 points
ed gardner- 116 points

still anyones game

07-21-2008, 05:58 PM
ouch on the breakout.

07-21-2008, 06:02 PM
big ouch indeed... if i would have won that round i would be first right now :(

the sad thing is... the guy that beat me is terrible at bassrace... unfortunately i didn't know this until after i broke out. .

07-21-2008, 08:22 PM
****, im still rooting for you Nick bring the trophy home to MI

bumpin buick
07-21-2008, 08:26 PM
some big upsets this weekend also at Oshkosh, WI