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07-17-2008, 12:40 PM

got a autococker trilogy sf marker
paid 300 for it last year.
only seen 5 days of play and about 8000 or so paintballs.
only chopped a few times. it has eyes.
has been almost completley dis assembled,oiled, cleaned after every game.
has a screw down neck.
overall a good starter gun.
has never failed me.

it will come with the 2 stock barrels and 2 other barrels ill get the brands later
all the barrels are painted red/blue but it comes off easily.
i took the beaver tail of the marker and i lost it so it dont come with it.
only part that has some scratches is the bottom by the air receiver

220+shipping for the gun and 2 stock barrels and 1 aftermarket barrel, 2 if i can find the other one.

got a 48ci/3000 wgp aluminum hpa tank. only seen 1 game
cost 120 on sale so selling for 70+ ship/

also got a pod pack that can hold 4 50 round pods and can hold any co2 or nos tank.
30+shipping and it was never used. bought it for 40 new.
doesnt have plastic packagin tho.

dont post, oh its cheaper on pbn, or go to pbn,
cause i dont give a ****,
this isnt pbn
ill sell it for want i want to sell it for.
im not losing a ton of money on this.

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07-17-2008, 07:00 PM

shortly looking for my memory card

i miss paintball.

bump for you. if you ever need a good deal on O-rings lemme know (buyer)

you get anything else? good to know.