View Full Version : MB Quart RKC110 newbie review

06-09-2003, 12:17 AM
Just installed a pair on my superior's car, together with the Sony CDX-L490X...

CD player = $175
RKC 110 = $175


single CD player
xplod nonsense options
45w X 4 channel (in reality, I'd say about 12W RMS if lucky)
EQ (7 preset modes, all ludicrous)

RKC 110

4" 2-way coaxial Reference series driver
Frequency response : 62~32K
Sensitivity : 85dB
Power range : 30~80watts
Xover frequency : 37000Hz

The CD player is about as cheap as it gets here in Korea. That's dealer price. The MB Quarts were also acquired at near dealer prices. I bought the 4" because I did not want to be hassled with more work on the doors. It kinda bolted straight on. The standard door speaker mount only had three bolts, but since it was plastic with a water guard, I simply bolted it on. Solid as a rock.

The midrange was pretty good... tweeter didn't impress me much. It seemed to pierce my eardrums somewhat. I recommended the R over the D to the owner, cause the specs said it was soft dome. It still looks like metal to me. Just to be sure of my findings, I fed some amped power from my car. It did seem to improve quality, but the tweeter only got sharper, while the mids maintained satisfying SQ. I tried playing 80Hz, with not so good results. Although it is said to play 62Hz, I think there's a limit to a 4" driver.

The xovers are basic filters, so once a low signal was sent, it clipped quite a bit. I don't think that's the fault of the speakers though... not worth spending more cash when the speakers are powered by the hu.

The speaker itself had two pairs of terminals, one for mids, one for tweeter. The plastic encased xovers had terminals that only fit the appropriate sockets. It's a pity, cause there is no label to tell you which is positive, and which terminals are for which drivers.

Having seen the R and Q series component drivers, the RKC's xover physical quality was... not so desirable. Cheap PCB, soldered joints were too large and the case was not even resistant to elements. Just to be sure, I taped the xover unit with black electric tape. There was no space anywhere for the xovers, so I stuck them on the inner door panel.

A very good point about the coaxials was that it had so many optional equipment, so I could vary my options on mounting the speakers... it even had spacers in them.

Since it was going behind the doors, I used the basic 4 point bracket, and saved the grille for my personal install.

I'd give it a 5.5 out of 10... 0.5 for various mounting brackets. I do not think it is worth the price, especially when the D series was about $110. I'd also would've gone for a discus component than these speakers, but the owner did not want a tweeter showing anywhere in the cabin...

Well, that's my 2 cents. Time for lunch now.