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07-14-2008, 04:25 AM
Man, long intro here. I just like yapping too much.

Hi! I have a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (no, there's no turbo, even though it rocks the hood scoop and vents from the factory, LOL). I added an old Polk db sub in a Q-Logic sealed box and Boss Riot Rev335 amp from my old car (92 Integra). I haven't had a sub in my car for half a decade because I got lazy since I bought Impreza 5 years ago. Since the previous owner of this car bought it off the dealership with a factory "upgraded" speaker system, it included a wussy under the seat subwoofer, but since installing a JVC deck in there 4 years ago, the harness and what not couldn't hook up to it (it was intended to be used with teh stock (Clarion) head unit). Having a sub in the trunk made my music sound totally different. I listen to a lot of hip-hop, so I hear lower basslines and the drum kicks harder than they did with just the factory speakers. Even though I haven't done much to my car besides a short shifter, wheels & tires. I sit in the car everyday and I love music (enjoy making it from time to time too), so it's best to invest in something I use the most.

Anyhoo, I've been just lurking around for the past couple days and learning to put together the best system I can on a limited budget. I already know what I have in mind now after hours lf lurking and using the search function (yay!) and figured out where I'm going to buy the equipment. Now all I have to do is acquire the cash (or put myself further in credit card debt if I'm that impatient.). I stumbled upon this forum when I was using Google to look up tips on how to tune a car stereo. After a lot of hours sitting in the car with an iPod and a stack of CD's, I kinda figured out a nice sweet spot for the 3-band EQ settings on my head unit. However, factory (even "upgraded") is still total crap. I mean, this is "upgraded" in the standards of the late 90's in an over glorified Japanese econobox. Who am I kidding right? I just want more SQL and don't care too much for SPL (I enjoy breathing and not rattling my body panels off my car). This is what I had in mind for the future after some research and what I currently have. I'm just here to lurk, ask questions occasionally, and learn. =)

In the car:
JVC Digifine KD-SH55 head unit (quality unit from a long *** time ago)
12" Polk db (the black one. It's an 8 ohm, my friend who sold it to me at the time used it for his home stereo)
Boss Riot Rev335 amp (250x2, 500 bridged, but that doesn't matter cuz the sub's 8 ohm)
Factory "upgraded" speaker set (front 6.5" components and 6.5" coaxials)
Non-operational under the seat subwoofer
8-gauge Walmart wiring (I don't know what brand, but I bought it from Wally World)
Monster Cable RCAs (to the sub)

For the Future (great SQL on a budget):
Phoenix Gold RSD 6" component set (front OR I can get Cadence ZX 6.5" comps)
Phoenix Gold RSD 6" coaxials (rear)
Kartboy 1/2" speaker spacers (anything with more than a 2 1/4" mounting depth has problems with the window in the door panels)
Hifonics Zeus 5-channel amp (I would have gotten two Memphis amps, but that would require me to rewire the power to 4 gauge and get a d-block for power and ground)
Duffman Audio spare tire well 10" sub box (still get to keep my spare tire and trunk space)
RE Audio RE10D4 10" subwoofer
Raammat for the trunk, rear deck panel, and doors

First thing's first for me is to remedy the rattling in the doors and especially the trunk. The trunk on my car is notorious for rattling because the trunk lid is a friggin' tin can with a spoiler attached to it. When it closes, it isn't even a solid thud. The spoiler's hollow too, so that doesn't help with the vibration. I'll cover the doors up when I have the cash when I change the rest of the speakers. The distortion is killing me though and forcing me to be really conservative with the EQ settings.

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