View Full Version : Fi BL truck box help

07-11-2008, 11:49 AM
Please excuse me for using PAINT to do this....I don't have a program to design a box.

I wanted some input to see if this design would work or not for a 10'' Fi BL in a standard cab ranger.


The box is 45'' wide x 12'' tall x 6'' top depth x 9'' bottom depth = 1.583ft^3

The port is 4.5'' x 3.5'' = 15.75in^2 at 30'' long (6'' coming down from the top and running 24'' to the side)

The port displaces almost .4ft^3 and the sub displaces .11ft^3.

So 1.583-.4-.11 = about 1ft^[email protected]

Any input or suggestions? This is going to be my third attempt at getting the enclosure to sound right in that **** truck.