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SPL Blazer
07-06-2008, 01:10 PM
We have two NESPL events coming up next weekend. The first one being in Haverhill Mass on Saturday at 1 pm. Registration will be from 1-3pm.This one will be a smaller scale show as it's part of a charity car wash, certificates will be handed out to those who finish in the top 5 in each class. We'll be running the Stock, Super Stock and Pro Stock classes at this one.

The second show will be at 8pm on Saturday in Nashua NH. Registration will be running til 10pm. This will be part of the Boomer McLouds night show series. There will be trophies for first and second place and certificates for 3rd-5th places. There will be three classes for SPL at this event, Stock 1, Stock 2, and Stock 3. Unfortunately there won't be any of the Pro Stock classes offered at this show, but as there are only a few people in New England that fit this class it's not worth it for the Boomer shows. In addition to the SPL there will also be a Sound Quality meter running. There will be a lot of cars at this show and it'll be a great time as always. The Termlab meter will be running at both events.

The first one will part of The Infamous Imports Car Club Charity Car and Bike wash. It'll be held at Bradford Towing at 221 Essex St in Haverhill Mass, 01832. SPL competition fee will be $10.

The second will be a larger scale show. This one will be held at the Army National Guard base in Nashua. 154 DW Highway in Nashua NH. The entrance is around the backside of the building. This will be part of a Car Show, there will be a Sound Quality meter running as well as the SPL meter. Registration fee will be $10 for SPL and $10 for SQ. Car Show is free.

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07-10-2008, 02:25 PM
hey how late will this show go ive gotta work on sat but will probably get out at like 7 or 8

SPL Blazer
07-10-2008, 07:47 PM
The Nashua show starts around 8pm and we'll probably try to cut off registration around 10:00-10:30 pm. It's advertised as going til 1am, but they usually start handing out the trophies around 11:30pm and people start leaving after that. You should have plenty of time to get there and register. I'll be there setting up around 7pm and we'll start registrations as soon as I'm all set up.

SPL Blazer
07-13-2008, 02:02 PM
Great turnout for the Nashua night show, we saw scores from 124.2-145.9. I know there are more guys out there that can hit the high numbers, they just need to come out of hiding see what they can hit.

SPL Blazer
07-13-2008, 02:13 PM
Here are the results of the SPL portion,

Stock 1

1. 141.2 Eric Leboeuf
2. 131.7 Dan Root
3. 131.5 Chris Steriti
4. 124.2 Worksy

Stock 2

1. 145.9 Dave Lehneman
2. 145.3 Mike Shoesmith
3. 141.3 Andrew Schnerderman
4. 141.3 Mike Houde
5. 139.9 Megan Dossantos
6. 136.8 Kenney Waller
7. 136.5 Josh Paradise
8. 135.3 Don Philbrook
9. 134.2 Jack Kellis
10. 133.4 Julez
11. 132.2 Nick Brind

Stock 3

1. 145.0 Adam Almeida
2. 142.1 Robert Bouchard
3. 134.0 Aaron Genest
4. 133.1 Rob Laplante