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07-04-2008, 06:27 AM
I am curious to see what some of you guys are using to make straight and accurate cuts for “cabinetry” work, or better known in here as enclosures. I mean seriously how many of us actually have access to a one to five thousand dollar table saw with a 50+” Biesemeyer fence, or panel saw? I know I sure as hell don’t and probably won’t in the upcoming years. Especially not with a few new (to me) items to help work with large panels. I will probably end up sticking with a decent circular saw and router table from now on as I am sick to death of my $300 craftsman table saw or should I say door stopper.

Anyways, I am curious to see what you guys are using to achieve spot on accurate cuts with larger pieces of wood.

07-04-2008, 06:31 AM
A buddy, case of beer, a few rollers, and a JET tablesaw

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07-04-2008, 07:17 AM
Learn to search, there's already a huge thread on this by baseballer.

07-04-2008, 08:44 AM
Learn to search, there's already a huge thread on this by baseballer.

THX a bunch for actually taking the time to read what I was asking for pictures of. 90% of what is pictured in that thread was pretty much out of the average guys reach in time, money, and space. W/E though, I have already found what is going to do the trick perfectly for me for less than $100, I just wanted to see what everyone else on here uses.

A buddy, case of beer, a few rollers, and a JET tablesaw

Ya, a case of beer and some power tools, sounds like a recipe for success. Again thx for reading the request there.

07-04-2008, 10:55 AM
My $300 Craftsman table saw works just fine. Usually has more to do with the person using the tools and their abilities or lack of...

First few boxes were using a straight edge and circular saw. Cuts came out perfectly, just took longer.

07-04-2008, 11:02 AM
being that i live with my rents still and going to be a senior in highschool. they wont let me consume their garage with shop tools and bulky machinery like a table saw and such so i just use a collapsable workmate one of those tables that clamps etc... then just use my bosch tools. cs20 circ saw with diablo 50ish teeth blade, 1591 barrel grip bosch jig, nice bosch router, and electric orbital bosch sander.

works for me. im still learning but it nice for 100% portability.

07-06-2008, 12:20 AM
theothermike clear ur pms and send me one.. or aim newyorkjets000 aim

07-06-2008, 12:23 AM
I'm using:

an 8 year old SKILL table saw (no extensions, missing bolts)

Hitachi 18v Professional 1/2" chuck cordless drill - Powerful SOB

Craftsman digital router

Craftsman jigsaw

$5 Chinese clamps from eBay.

If it were daytime, I'd take a picture.