View Full Version : is this box trash?

07-02-2008, 02:40 AM

i need it for a 2005 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab.

is this trash?

07-02-2008, 02:47 AM
Shouldn't be. Made out or 3/4" MDF. Kind of hard to screw up a sealed box.

07-02-2008, 02:48 AM
Shouldn't be. Made out or 3/4" MDF. Kind of hard to screw up a sealed box.

it could not be fully sealed

07-02-2008, 02:52 AM
IMO i would just rather have a box built, but im sure that box isnt bad

07-02-2008, 03:10 AM
it could not be fully sealed

Looks to be a good amount of sealant in the pic. If it comes improperly sealed, send it back. I don't think you're going to find someone to build a box with that many corners for that price. As long as it's properly made, I'd rather spend the money than go through the hassle of building that box on my own.

Mr Cabinetry
07-02-2008, 11:07 AM
I'm only going to say this about that enclosure.

You better make [email protected] sure the subs you want to stick in it are going to fit and that the seat bottom will not be sitting right on top of you subs.

And you better make [email protected] sure it's going to fit under the seat.

If you don't ask questions before you buy, well, then, what more can I say:crap:

I built a few different silverado enclosure's and none even look close to that design.

07-02-2008, 02:06 PM
Shouldn't be. Made out or 3/4" MDF. Kind of hard to screw up a sealed box.


07-02-2008, 08:01 PM
so this box fits UNDER my seats?

Mr Cabinetry
07-03-2008, 11:22 AM
so this box fits UNDER my seats?

If you want to make sure it will fit, the only way that's going to happen is for the company to provide you will the dimensional details of the enclosure so you can check that it will fit under the seat.

Keep one thing in mind here, they are saying " Dual 10" Subwoofer Enclosure for 2005-2007 GMC / Chevrolet Crew Cab Full-Size Pickup Trucks ".
Dimensions: 6"D x 52"W x 14.5"H


Now, here's measurements of an enclosure I use to design, modify and build from given what the customer will measure and tell me what is or is not different.


Use it to check what the dimensions/measurements are for under your seat and if note what is different.

Also, it would go a long way to have pic's of the area the enclosure is going for reference.

08-08-2008, 05:55 PM
Mr Cabinetry I will get you the information needed for a box for my Crew Cab. Got your email back and will get your all the dimensions you could ever want than some.