View Full Version : Kinetik HC1400

06-29-2008, 05:12 PM
I have owned this battery for more than 3 years powering from 500-1100 watts (rated power) and it still works like a champ. Voltage at my amplifier is always at 12.45 V and above. Replaced a Napa battery that was for a '89 s-10 (2 years old at the time of switching). I switched due to the fact my amplifier was running into low voltage and my 4000 processor would kick off with engine off tuning, the 4000 has a direct battery connection that is VERY sensitive.

I have the stock 70 amp alt in my vehicle and I have used a Sounstream VGA 320.4, VGA 500.4 and have ran the system with the 320.4 along with an alpine MRP-500M without any noticeable dimming or amplifiers getting too warm.

I spend about 2 hours each spring tuning the 4000 with the engine off tuning via an audio control spectrum analyzer and a lap top to make adjustments. Also I use this battery when I race RC buggies at a couple of outdoor tracks to charge my racing batteries so far after 3 summers no jump starts needed to date.:thumbsup: