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06-28-2008, 04:01 PM
I don't have a lot of pictures since we didn't think about it, and I can't find the charger for my camera, but here's the rundown of what we've installed so far.

- Alpine SPX-17PRO component speakers
- Alpine PDX-4.100 4-channel amp
- Alpine iDA-X001 head unit


This was a pretty interesting challenge. The goal was to mount the speakers and crossovers so they're completely hidden (except the tweeter of course). So we wanted to mount them entirely in the door. We also decided that we would mount the amp under the back seat (since the new PDX amps are so small).

The deck installed pretty easily, power/grounding for the amp was a bit more work. We ended up going from the battery all the way to the driver's side firewall (the battery is on the passenger's side) to avoid having to drill through. It was able to push through there without much work. We then grounded it to a piece on the bottom of the passenger's seat.

Here's the deck, and the amp (these pictures are off of my phone, sorry!):

http://www.davidcramer.net/wp-content/stereo_install/IMAGE_008.jpg http://www.davidcramer.net/wp-content/stereo_install/IMAGE_011.jpg

When we got around to the speakers it was a different story. We couldn't find a good spot where we could mount the crossovers inside the door, and we also didn't have a huge amount of space where the tweeter could fit and not look too out of place (it still looks a little out of place).

The crossovers ended up mounting with heavy duty velcro (yes!) on the inside of the door panel right under the mid-range speakers, with the tweeters right next to them. Another problem came up when one of the overpriced speaker's wire terminals snapped off. Solved that with a bit of electrical tape after we tried two times to get it glued back on. I don't have any pictures of the crossovers but if we have to take the doors off for anything else I'll make sure to get a snapshot of the inside.

http://www.davidcramer.net/wp-content/stereo_install/IMAGE_009.jpg http://www.davidcramer.net/wp-content/stereo_install/IMAGE_010.jpg

To get the speaker wiring from the amp was another problem we ran into. We couldn't manage to get the plugs out of the door frame where the existing wire ran, so we ended up splicing into the existing front speaker wires. The wire which was running to the speakers inside the door runs to the crossover now, and the wires which were connected to the deck now run to the amp.

The quality is pretty good, but we ran into some volume issues that I'm not sure if we solved completely yet. We swapped out one of the chips (which adjusts several settings on the crossover based on its positioning and angle) for a different one and that seemed to bring both sides closer in line.

Next month we'll be attempting to get two 12"s in the trunk, ported, with two more amps. We'll see how that goes when we get there :)

06-28-2008, 04:05 PM
should've kick panel mounted the tweeter for better sound an imagineing...it is best to create close to equal path links as possible...the one on the drivers side will be right on top of you...

06-28-2008, 04:08 PM
I should add this is my first install of anything this complex :)

06-28-2008, 04:17 PM
Looks good for your first. Im about to start on mine (Well not my first) but the first time I actaully care about presentation.