View Full Version : Ported Enclosure Design for Pair of Type-R's in 2003 Accord

06-19-2008, 09:50 PM
I currently have a sealed enclosure for a pair of Type-R's. It sounds great, but I want to have built a ported enclosure tuned to about 32Hz at about 2 cubic ft per speaker, so about 4 cubic feet total.

The problem is that most of the sizes for a standard rectangular box are too large to fit in the trunk of my accord. There is more than 4 cubic feet of trunk space but the 2003 accord's trunk opening is a bit odd:


As you can see the opening is sort of an upside down trapezoid, so that the lower edge is only a bit over 2 feet in length. Also the trunk looses space as it gets deeper, after about 2 feet, it narrows suddendly from about 45 inches across to 30 inches across.

I have tried some test fitting and even narrowing the box to 33 inches x 22 inches x 16 inches, it still is a quite a tight fit, and would have to be put in the trunk longways, and would most likely have problems turning it around. Not to mention this would make it almost impossible to get at the donut tire in case I got a flat.

The current sealed box in there is 28" x 12.5" x 13.75" which is quite smaller obviously since it only requires 1 cubic foot per speaker.

So my question does anyone have any ideas what would be the best ported box design that could possibly fit in the trunk. Would I best go with 2 separate enclosures? Or what would be the simplest shape which could provide the 4 cubic feet and still fit? Or is there any strategy that I could employ in considering a custom design?