View Full Version : money finally in hand and about to start my wall need help with port displacment!!

06-18-2008, 12:46 PM
Ok so I finally got my truck back from the shop getting my lambos put on and ready to start my wall build FINALLY!! ok so heres the deal Im going to have 4 15" dual 2 ohm Mmats Dreadnauts powered off 2 Mmats 3500.1's. ok some of the problems I have encountered. As is sits right now I only have 3 of the 15's and dont have the extra 600 bucks to sheel out right now to buy a 4th and I only have 1 of the 3500's. I would like to make my wall with 4 individual portsso I can for right now run the 3 dreads with out effecting any sound. the area I have to work with is roughly 40"wide x 33" tall x 25" deep. the wall is going into an Isuzu rodeo behind the back seats, and for serious bang the seat lays 100% flat. To be honest im not trying to set any world records or be the loudest at the comps.

I do figure tho with the right box build this thing should SLAM I hit a 152.8 on the TL with 2 of these at 2 Hifonics Brutus 2K's in a standard slot ported 6 cube box.

I have always been told to port on the drivers die of the wall, but like I said I wanna have 4 indvidual ports in the box. it will be set up 2 on top of eachother facing forward obviously, and was thinking, I would port down the middle of the box, or on each side? which is more effective if someone could draw me a plan id appreciate it very much. I have no idea on how to tune a wall, I see alot of them with HUGE displacment ports and some that are not. Please help!! I would like to be close to 159 DB's in the end, and hair trick like a mofo lol.