View Full Version : Need Extreme Help! Not sure if anyone will recognize these but here goes.

06-18-2008, 03:20 AM
I have a set of DEI High Efficiency (yeah right) rear 5x7s and front 3-1/2s bought back in 1997 and used for a very short amount of time. Should I keep these (barely used) and try to put an amp to them? I have no idea the specs on them if someone can direct me to what they are or give me an idea that would be great thanks. Also I have Infinity (I think kappas, I can find out later) in my doors they are 6.5s. My head unit is an Alpine CDA 7984 barely used by me.

I am looking more for SQ and here is what I already have and is going to stay due to certain things. I have 2 JL 15W6s powered by an ED 900.1 and the subs are in a closed box. I wanted to have nice sound coming from my other speakers especially the smaller ones near the front to have a nice surround feeling.

This is all in a foxbody mustang. If anyone has any suggestions for amps/combos to use for my fronts/doors/mids or total changes other than the subs and the amp with the subs then please let me know thank you all so much!:thankyou: